Urek Racing uses Maxima and No Toil products in their Race Prep services. If you prefer another brand please let us know and we will be happy to accomodate.

No Toil

What we offer.

Race Prep

Have races coming up and don't have time to get your bike ready? We offer full race prep services to help you get ready for race day. Our prep service is also handy for a pre-season or mid-season inspection and servicing of all systems. We will perform all the work included below and provide you feedback of what components may need replacing. It's a great way to have your bike freshened up and find out the status of all those wear and tear items.

Our Race Prep service includes cleaning, inspecting and adjusting the following:

  1. Braking (Levers to Master Cylinders)
  2. Air Delivery (Air Filter and Air Box)
  3. Fuel Delivery (Carb, Throttle and Intake)
  4. Wheels (Bearings, Truing, and Tire Pressure)
  5. Linkage and Swingarm
  6. Oil Change
  7. Motor Performance (Compression Testing and Tuning)
  8. Steering
  9. Clutch
  10. All Bolts checked and torqued to specs
  11. Complete bike wash and detailing of motor, wheels, and plastic

$150 - includes oil and chemicals

Upon completion of service, you will receive a summary of the items that were inspected. Contact us to set up an appt and drop off your bike. Our race prep service can be completed as close to a race as the night before.

Powder Coating

We can custom powder coat parts of your bike. All colors available. Example of parts that can be powder coated:

Hubs, spokes, rims, shock spring, frames, triple clamps, brake components, foot pegs, swing arms, bolts, braces, fork components, etc.

We also offer media blasting of metal components.

WINTER SPECIAL!!! - get your 50, 65 or 85cc frame media blasted and painted in your choice of Satin Black, Gloss Black or Red (for you Cobra kids!) for $100 (extra charge to disassemble the bike if needed) This is a paint special, Powder Coating is extra. Add a subframe or swingarm for $50 each. This offer expires March 31st.


We offer a variety of motor services from complete motor rebuilds to service work. We have some of the best service rates in town specializing in 50cc - 112cc motors.

Labor Rate for regualr service work $30 / hr

Stock Motor Rebuild - Complete motor rebuild - includes inspection of crank and replacement of engine seals, gaskets, main bearings and top end. $400 includes parts. (Crank extra if needed)

Mod Motor Rebuild - Starts with the stock motor rebuild listed above but also includes cylinder porting, exhaust port and cylinder head polishing, cases matched and carb modifications and more. This service will increase the overall performance of your motor without the need for race gas or the cooling and reliability issues of an overbored cylinder. $800 includes parts. (Crank extra if needed)

Overbore and other motor services also available by request.


Suspension is by far one of the most important components on any motorcross bike. Suspension that is valved appropriately for the size and skill level of your child can shave seconds off their lap times and help them feel more comfortable on the track.

We offer suspension rebuilds and can provide custom set up for your rider.

Our service doesn't stop when we give you back your suspension. We will work with you after the service to ensure you are happy with the service and that the changes made best suit the rider.

Oil Changes - Forks and Shock $80. (includes oil, parts extra if needed)

Rebuilds - Forks and Shock completely disassembled and inspected. Includes polishing and cleaning up of internals $150. (includes oil, parts extra if needed)

Revalve - Forks and Shock set to a riders needs based on rider weight and ability $300. (includes oil, parts extra if needed)

Please contact us to see what we can do for your rider.