Welcome my friends!

My name is Jennifer LaMontia and I am the chef/owner of Amici Culinary. I have been active in the kitchen cooking for family and friends all of my life. After many years in the retail grocery industry, I have decided to pursue my life-long passion of creating delicious meals for people who love to eat as much as I love to cook!

Jen with bread bunny

My love of cooking began as a child and has grown over the years I have embraced the challenge to step into the shoes of my Nana to cook and bake the specialties that we could only get at Grandma's house. One of my goals is to master our favorite family recipes, none of which have been written down.

I am a self proclaimed foodie who loves all things food! Although I am mostly self taught, I have studied food service and nutrition for a decade and am a graduate of The Culinary Business Academy and Premier member of the USPCA . In addition to my work in the grocery industry, I worked as a food stylist and assistant for several companies and publications. I have an extensive cookbook library and stay up to date on food trends and healthful eating.